Friday, 18 February 2011

i feel pretty

The other day I was lucky enough to find out I had been featured on not ONE but TWO blogs. Can you believe it?

Firstly, Adeline posted my photographic diaries entry. This was my self portrait.

You can read my little message about why I take photos and see my other photos here. It was great fun and the whole project actually got me thinking about why I take photos.

Then later on in the day I was checking out blogs and stumbled upon an entry on aucklandstreetstyle. Hey presto! It was me and my gal pal Amy.

It wasn't actually that much of a surprise as I knew it was going to be posted at some point. But I was surprised at how unflattering I look! When the photo was taken I thought I looked alright but this, well lets just say I don't look that lady like. And poor Amy has her eyes closed! Hmmm, models we are not.

I am actually in Australia right now. Cool huh? I sneakily scheduled this post so that my blog wouldn't go neglected for too long.

When I get back I'll be sure to post photos and highlights from my trip.



  1. Enjoy your stay in Australia!!! :)

  2. that is always so exciting to stumble upon blogs and find them mentioning you! yay!

    have a great time in australia!


  3. Ooh, can't wait to hear about Australia!!! And that blue dress is SO pretty! have fun traveling :D

  4. Oh no! The photographer from that blog should really have taken a better photo or just not posted at all. I took photos at a wedding recently and refused to hand over any photo where anyone was not looking their best. I still like what you have on!

  5. oh, i think you look just darling. congrats on both features.

    i actually read your post on adeline's blog when it published a few weeks ago and i appreciated reading about your photography insights. :)

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